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QFV 50  Combination Vending Machine Overview

  • Sturdy Construction: Discover the durability behind the heavy-duty steel cabinet and robust metal doorframe. Safety is paramount with its explosion-resistant design. 
  • Crystal-Clear Display: Say goodbye to foggy product displays. With its automatic defogging theft-proof glass, your products are showcased in the best light.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate through a diverse range of 50 selections using the intuitive 5-inch display and the robust 16-key metal keypad.
  • Efficient Transactions: Cash, coin, or card? The QFV 50 handles them all seamlessly. Dive into the tech behind the Conlux Bill and Coin Acceptors and add a Cantaloupe G11 Credit Card Reader.
  • Bright & Bold: Witness the allure of energy-efficient LED lighting, making every product pop!


Beyond the hardware, we’ll also touch on the unique features like dual spirals for increased capacity, infrared drop sensors for precise product delivery, and the sleek custom wrap that catches everyone’s eye.

For those looking to revolutionize their vending business, the QFV 50 is not just a machine—it’s a statement. It’s where cutting-edge technology meets unmatched user experience. Dive in to find out how the QFV 50 is reshaping vending, one product at a time!